Monday, September 21, 2009

Funny or Die is a pretty awesome website. i recomend it, if you like to laugh at funny things.

FOD is hosting a Viral Video contest and the winner gets to make a video with Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Judd Apatow... i know, right?

( i actually wonder if i could just meet Leslie Mann, because i love her ) ((shes judd apatow's wife... in case you didnt make the connection))

NCT is getting in on this action by entering videos made by some of our cast and crew.
you can help the cause by viewing, voting "funny" using the little dial at the bottom when the video completes, making our video a favorite or sharing it online with your friends.

Neil Diamond Sings Songs about Movies he Likes Neil Diamond likes movies, he likes to sing about movies, and he doesnt care.

*warning, An Open Letter to Schick contains possibly risque material but very subtley and with no bad language*
An Open Letter to Schick: A woman has issues with confusing advertisement

**warning, the "Two Guys" videos contain bad language, total Brown Bag territory, so dont click to view if you dont like bad words...**

Two Guys at the End of Grease: What was everyone else doing while Sandy, Danny and the gang danced away?

Two Guys from the end of Grease in Terminator: The Two guys are back and this time they're stuck in a scary situation with Kyle, Sarah Connor and the Terminator.

Two Guys from the end of Grease in Buffalo Bill's Well from Silence of the Lambs:
Uh oh, the Two Guys have been captured by a serial killer...

Thank you, hope you vote Funny and i promise to say hi to will, judd and adam for you.

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