Wednesday, September 9, 2009

gives you wiiiiiiings.

so there i was, standing lazily behind the NCT concession counter discussing sign flippers and public service announcements with mark and george when, all of a sudden, two tiny blonde fairies appeared at our curb. they came in a little blue and grey car adorned with a giant blue and grey can. they came with blue and grey back packs full of cool and refreshing elixer of life. an offering they made to us of this magical potion, and asked, indeed, for nothing in return. yea, unto the evening sky we laughed and laughed at our merry good fortune as we floated away upon wings of free caffeine...

a dream, perhaps?
no, no. that. just. happened.

Red Bull is a staple at the National Comedy Theatre, at least for me. I have often done the math on how much money i could save just by forgoing my red bull habbit- a 4 pack is required on show nights and a 12 ouncer will do for rehearsals and workshops. honestly, the caffeine probably doesnt even effect me anymore. i think i have a proper immunity built up. but its like a ritual, like a baseball player never changing their lucky socks or something... except my little ritual isnt un-hygenic... and im not an actual athelete. still, i have to have that cold little can in my hand as i warm up for a show or i just dont feel ready.

so tonight, just as rehearsal was ending, the Red Bull girls pull up in their little Red Bull mobile with a giant Red Bull can affixed to the top. They reached into their Red Bull shaped backpacks and gave us each a free can of Red Bull and a fancy new Red Bull shot to try out. I was so excited to see them... people who show up and give you Red Bull for FREE? what a wonderful thing. what a kind and helpful public service to perform. only in America, the land of opportunity, would such an amazing and magical thing take place.
maybe im overdoing it a bit. but imagine you really like muffins and the one day, just as you are thinking to yourself about how a nice muffin would really hit the spot, a muffin truck pulls up with a giant muffin on top and two pretty girls hop out and lavish you with all the muffins you can carry. you'd be pleased, i imagine. well, i dont care for muffins. but i do like energy drinks.

so there i was, hopping up and down on the sidewalk like a kid on christmas waiting to see what the two little blonde santas would pull out of their magical sacks next... and i hadnt even had any Red Bull yet.

They came inside and took pictures with us on stage, hopefully that will turn up on facebook. i asked them to come by on Saturday night after the early show ended to spread more joy and jitters with us and our audience.
i hope they come. and i sincerely hope to become their best friend.

extra lucky for me is that most of the players who happened to be there at the time werent the Red Bull type, but the sneaky enough type to graciously accept their gifts and then turn their free Red Bull cans and shots over to me.
i happily drove home with a purse full of blue and grey canned happiness, singing a bit louder than was strictly necessary and shaking like an excited chihuahua.


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