Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Get Excited! Its July!

This month there is so much SUPER COOL stuff happening. It is bonkers! And you're going to want to be part of it!

First, we spend this weekend celebrating America the best way that we know how... laughing our faces off! Surely, that is what our forefathers had in mind?

At Patriot-A-Palooza we celebrate the unique way in which NCT has reveled in democracy since 2008... with the "democratic round of applause!" It may be the only time in your life that your vote actually contributes to the results in real time! Exciting...
Friday 7/4 & Saturday 7/5 at 7:30 pm & 9:45 pm.

Celebrity Guest Stars at Movie Showings?
On the 19th we're inviting you to a once in a lifetime opportunity to see an hilarious movie, right alongside one of its stars & creators! Brain Candy is super funny, silly, strange and a cult classic! Laugh along with one of the Kids in the Hall during the movie and then stick around afterwards, Kevin will show us the unseen alternate ending and interact with YOU for a Q & A!
Brain Candy (R)
Saturday 7/19 2:00pm, $12- $14
Get Tickets.

Super Cool Really Advanced Workshop Opportunity that Culminates in YOU on STAGE with Kevin McDonald? Yep.
Kevin McDonald: Improv into Sketch Workshop & Show
$180, 8 hours of workshop & Show included                      (ages 18+)
Sunday July 20th     10:00am- 6:00pm

We still have spots available, so call today.
Please inquire or register by emailing or calling 602-374-5638

Oh, and the SHOW part... lets not forget the SHOW part- because this show is going to have something to offer for everyone.
 An Evening with Kevin McDonald: Stand up! Sketch! Improv Comedy!
Sunday July 20th at 7:30pm  $14  (Rated R, not for All Ages)We start with Stand Up comedy, then Sketches created by the workshop crew and curated by Mr. McDonald, then IMPROVISATION with the crew from National Comedy Theatre... and then we put a bow on it with interaction from YOU (The Audience) as Kevin sits down for one more intimate Q & A.

Why is this a super exciting event? Well, Kids in the Hall have been touring North America on their sold out Rusty and Ready Tour. One has only to follow the Kids in the Hall facebook page to hear about all of the exciting things that the Kids have going on for them right now... so come see em while you can!


July is also bringing us TWO SHOW THURSDAY! 
Two Show Thursday
Saturday 7/24, 7:30pm  $8 ALL AGES   

Two awesome comedy shows in onhe night! This month's Two Show Thursday includes the hilarious and interactive TNT (Thursday Night Troupe) where anything can happen when the audience shouts out suggestions for EVERY game. In FLD Productions Longform Show ONE suggestion will be usef thd to fuel ALL of the spontaneous hijinks!

Get tickets online: 

The Midnight Show
Saturday July 26th     11:45pm $8 (18+)

National Comedy Theatre's monthly uncensored comedy show, where anything can happen. No Ref, No Rules, No Brown Bag Foul, and no one under 18 admitted!

Get tickets online:

A Knights Tale is happening and its gotten even more exciting, with even MORE to offer!

A Knight's Tale
At First Time Film Club featuring Educating Geeks Live Podcast!
Starring Heath Ledger, Paul Bettany and Alan Tudyk (2001, rated PG-13)
Thursday 7/31 7:30pm, $8 Rated PG-13

A Knight's Tale will have you believing that a man can change his starts, a squire can become a knight, and "We Will Rock You" was a popular song in the middle ages...
Find out why this movie is everyones secret "guilty pleasure" and rock out with us at this one time only First Time Film Club event.

Prizes and trivia follow the screening provided by Bookmans Entertainment Exchange.

And stick around for a LIVE PODCAST with Educating Geeks as we discuss the movie with our Super Fan & First Timer!

Get tickets online at

and then, being that THAT is the very last day of July... we will put July to rest. But, never fear, AUGUST news and events are coming soon!

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