Monday, July 21, 2014

Live Podcast at a Knights Tale Showing! Included with your Ticket!

Things keep getting better and better for First Time Film Club!
We got our new, BIG screen. We got an awesome HD projector. We JUST got an awesome HD Blu-Ray player and its all thanks to our partners at Bookmans Entertainment Exchange!

Now we have something new and exciting to announce for our upcoming First Time Film Club screening of A Knights Tale... we will be doing a LIVE PODCAST after the Trivia & Prizes with the gang from Educating [Geeks]!

Our First Timer, Zeke Hill, and our Super Fan, Krissy Lenz, will sit down with two of the Educating [Geeks] panelists for an interactive discussion of the movie. What did we love? What made us cringe? What life lessons are we walking away with? We will hash it all out!

You can drink in all of this exciting, geeky goodness by simply hanging around after the movie! ITs part of the show now!

I mean, seriously... for only $8 you can come see Heath Ledger change his stars while Paul Bettany makes some of the best midevil hype-man speeches ever- oft pantsless. THEN you can participate in the fun of Bookmans Trivia and Prizes! THEN you can hang out for the interactive podcast!

Get tickets now! Right Here!

We are really excited about this partnership with Educating [Geeks]. We met them by chance at Phoenix Film Festival's Geek Day
(where we also met the AZ Ghostbusters, exciting announcement coming soon...)

When the girls told me about the premise of their podcasts "On each episode of Educating [Geeks], one of our hosts or a special guest will be on the program to receive “Education” on some aspect of geek culture they’ve never had a chance to experience. Will it become our hosts new favorite thing?  (Or… Will they go all Otaku?) Or will it just not be their cup of Earl Gray (hot) tea?"

I was like... thats EXACTLY what First Time Film Club is all about! But.... with movies!

It seems like a match made in nerd heaven, and you can be part of our first joint outing- hopefully the first of many to come!

Really though, get tickets! Here! Now!

A Knight's Tale (2001, rated PG-13)
featuring Live Podcast, Trivia & Prizes!
Thursday 7/31 7:30pm, $8 Rated PG-13
Get tickets online at

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