Monday, July 28, 2014

Trivia & Prizes! What do we have and what is coming up!

At every Spoof N Cinema and First Time Film Club screening, brought to you by Bookmans Entertainment Exchange, we ask trivia questions and give out awesome prizes.

But how do we come up with those trivia questions? And how do we curate the prizes? Excellent question. And luckily I have the blog to answer just that.

Coming up with trivia is actually a bit tricky at times! We try to base at least one or two of the questions on the movie we just watched. For 3 Amigos we asked which of the Amigos got his first job presenting magic tricks and making baloon animals at Disneyland? (Steve Martin, of course... right?) For Splash we asked a Tom Hanks question- Tom Hanks famously won back to back Best Actor awards for which two films? (Philidelphia & Forrest Gump... maybe slightly less easy?) We sometimes ask Price is Right style questions about the film's budget and gross.

For a Knight's Tale on Thursday the 31st our questions may be trivia about Heath Ledger.
Like... Heath famously sang in this 1999 Shakespearian Re-do (also starring Julia Stiles & Joseph Gordon-Levitt?) That might be a good answer to look up.
There's potential for a Game of Thrones question and a Firefly question, since William Thathcher's besties Roland & Wat are played by Mark Addy A.K.A. King Robert Baratheon and Alan Tudyk A.K.A. Wash.

Of course I also like to ask questions about upcoming events. Maybe I could come up with a good Kevin Smith or Clerks question? Our new Midnight Movies, Munchies and Brew series will feature the original 'Jersey Trilogy.' Clerks on August 9, Mallrats on November 8 and Chasing Amy on February 14th. Clerks would be the perfect candidate for a Price is Right style Budget Vs. Gross question. Right?

Of course, I famously come up with questions that are a bit stumpy for the audience.... even at Phoenix Comicon my Star Trek question was baffling. Maybe to tease Tom Hanks in the Burbs 10/30 I can just ask the old Oscar question again? What do you think? Go easy or be challenging?

The prizes are so good, though! I think the questions SHOULD be a little bit challenging. What do you think?

In a typical prize pack we have contributions from National Comedy Theatre that include tickets to our Friday & Saturday night Competitive Comedy Shows, tickets for 2 to upcoming Spoof N Cinema Screenings (The Big Wheel is coming 8/28) and tickets for 2 to future First Time Film Club and Midnight Movies Screenings (Clerks, The Burbs... you read that part, right?)

Bookmans always contributes amazing prizes, including $10- $25 gift cards, t-shirts, posters, back packs and tote bags, toys & games, DVDs and even, for nostalgias sake, VHS tapes.

You really do walk away with quite a booty and now Cheba Hut is providing prizes for Midnight Movie screenings including gift cards, t-shirts and coupons.

So... it's all very exciting. Do you have an opinion about the easiness or stumpiness of our trivia questions? Is there something you would like to see in the Prize Packs? Got a trivia question idea? Let us know!

We look forward to seeing you at A Knights Tale on 7/31- followed by a LIVE Podcast! Get tickets!

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