Monday, August 4, 2014

Midnight Movies, Munchies & Brew: Presented by Cheba Hut

An exciting new movie screening adventure and partnership with our friends at Cheba Hut Toasted Subs!

Introducing Midnight Movies, Munchies & Brew!

At Every Midnight Movies, Munchies & Brew event we will tout our own interactive Drinking Game Rules. You can feast on Cheba Hut Munchies as well as specially featured craft brews.  Trivia & prizes following the showing provided by Cheba Hut and National Comedy Theatre.

We kick off this series of events with:

Clerks (1994, R)  
Saturday August 9,   11:45pm         $8

Just because they serve you, doesn’t mean they like you. Join us for Kevin Smiths 1994, $27,000 masterpiece Clerks… a peek inside the hidden world of retail employees Randal & Dante. And Dante isn’t even supposed to be there today!

Get tickets online:

And keep an eye out for future Midnight Movies, Munchies & Brew Screenings:

Mallrats                Saturday November 8, 11:45pm  $8
Chasing Amy      Saturday February 14th, 11:45pm $8

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