Tuesday, August 19, 2014

So Many Smilin Faces! Audience Volunteer Pics

Hey Guys... its YOU (The Audience!)
Behold all of you who have shared our stage in July & August!

 We call this one "Long Hair Derrick" pics are also online at our Facebook Page! www.facebook.com/nctphoenix
 "Blurry Allison"
 "Long Hair Derrick Strikes Again"
 "Birthday Girl with Andi Head on Shelf"
 "Smirky Faces"
 "Lets All Act Bewildered with Shorts Wearing Audience Volunteer"
 "Two Volunteers Deserve Two Thumbs Up, Amy Style"
 "Adorable Audience Volunteers... Questionably Adorable Players"
 "Blurry Ends"
 "Pointy Fans"
 "Whats Going on with Heath"
This is Rocket's 4th Birthday with the Arizona Ghostbusters! They'll be on hand for Ghostbusters 2 as well on December 18th! So Much Fun!

Keep on comin back and get your smilin mug on the blog!

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