Friday, August 1, 2014

All the Up Coming August & Beyond!

Spoof N Cinema Returns! Midnight Movies! Adult Workshops! Whats new, August?

Clerks (1994, R)   …presented by Cheba Hut Midnight Movies, Munchies & Brew
Saturday August 9,   11:45pm         $8
Just because they serve you, doesn’t mean they like you. Join us for Kevin Smiths 1994, $27,000 masterpiece Clerks… a peek inside the hidden world of retail employees Randal & Dante. And Dante isn’t even supposed to be there today!

At Midnight Movies, Munchies & Brew we will tout our own interactive Drinking Game Rules. You can feast on Cheba Hut Munchies as well as specially featured craft brews.  Trivia & prizes following the showing provided by Cheba Hut and National Comedy Theatre.
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And keep an eye out for future Midnight Movies, Munchies & Brew Screenings:
Mallrats                Saturday November 8, 11:45pm  $8
Chasing Amy      Saturday February 14th, 11:45pm $8

Two Show Thursday
Thursday 8/21,  7:30pm   $8   All Ages

Two Show Thursday coming at ya once again with two awesome comedy shows for just one ticket price!
At This Month’s 2 Show Thursday the Thursday Night Team will be killing it with their improv comedy! Then the most advanced Level 3 Workshoppers take the stage for your delight and amusement.

Get tickets online here:

Spoof N Cinema: The Big Wheel (Mickey Rooney)
Thursday August 28th, 7:30pm  $8   All Ages

Like Mystery Science Theatre 3000? Rifftrax? Whose Line is it Anyway? Then Spoof N Cinema is for YOU!

The Big Wheel gets the Spoof N Cinema treatment at National Comedy Theatre, brought to you by Bookmans Entertainment Exchange! Mickey Rooney stars in this fast paced racing adventure from 1949, but the cast of National Comedy Theatre give it new life as they create hilarious new dialogue, sound effects and more LIVE! Right before your very eyes! 

Trivia and prizes follow the screening brought to you by Bookmans Entertainment Exchange.
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Check out other NCT events:
Check out other Bookmans Events:

The Midnight Show
Saturday 8/30, 11:45pm       $8        17+

National Comedy Theatre’s monthly foray into the uncensored & unknown goes down on the 30th at 11:45 featuring uncensored, anything goes improv comedy. NO BROWN BAG FOUL at this unrated show, so audiences are limited to ages 17+ Get tickets online:

Level 1 Improv Comedy Workshop
$175 6 weeks Tuesdays 7:00- 9:00pm
Begins Tuesday 9/23 and meets every Tuesday night for 6 weeks at National Comedy Theatre

The National Comedy Theatre improv classes are an exciting and fun approach for people from all walks of life: actors, writers, lawyers or plumbers, beginners to experienced performers, the skills we teach can be applied to all areas.
In National Comedy Theatre’s Level 1 Improv Comedy Workshop you will get up on stage and participate in some of the same improv games you see on stage at NCT’s weekly professional performances in a fun, no pressure atmosphere.
Class size is limited. Level 1 is intended for participants 18 years.
For more information or registration please email
or call 602-374-5638.
Additional 6 week Level 1 sessions in 2014: November 4, 2014.
Dates are subject to change. Check online at and for most current listings.

Watch for September announcements, because we have the Return of High School Improv League, the Return of Kids, Tween & Teen Improv Classes, MORE Spoof N Cinema, MORE 2 Show Thursday and MORE Midnight Show coming your way!

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