Tuesday, June 16, 2009

fire safe.

today i had to come down to NCT early in order to meet the fire inspector for fire inspection part deux: the reckoning. this i knew ahead of time. i also had to pay the fees before the final inspection or they would be counted against us as a fire safety violation... as though not yet paying for the inspection of my fire safety is equivalent to setting off fireworks in a room full of inflamable curtains. this i did not know in advance.

im a child of the modern age, so i usually assume that every entity that exists has a website and that all of my needs can be taken care of online. this is sometimes a tragic flaw. you can not make payments to the city of mesa over the phone, via the internet or even with a credit card by mail. one wishing to make a payment of fees must take ones check to the actual city of mesa customer service office.
for a city that equates payment of fees to the safety of lives... they sure dont make it easy for you to get those fees paid conveniently.

by the way, aparantly in order to get our $15.00 fire safety permit we had to pay for a TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLAR inspection.

so. i assure you that NCT is as safe from fire as it is from alien attack and opossum infestation- which is to say, very safe. however, it isnt the creation of that safety that costs us, its the verification.

sigh. till next year...


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