Wednesday, June 3, 2009

its all about the plank of wood.

Click here to watch NCT get a glowing review on News Channel 3...

i cant figure out how to embed the video here. but ill figure it out before too long. for now, click the link to hear how awesome we are... on the NEWS! and if you can tell me how to embed the video, im all ears.

furthermore, someone from the AZ Republic is swinging by today to drop off our BEST of Phoenix Plaque. very cool.
although, we did win TWO categories and i want TWO planks of wood.
in these tough economic times i guess i understand.

oh. and. we are embraking on a new endeavor, to post discounts every friday at 5:00pm on twitter. so if you follow us on twitter, look for a discount offer friday at 5.

if you dont, then you should. twitter username: nctphoenix

i DID write up a whole review of the NCT vs. HSL show and its coming soon... i like to do things UN-chronologically.


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