Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Review your reviews

I'm a fan of all things floating around on this series of tubes we call the internet.

and theres about one million sites that list NCT and her exciting events and they all have some type of review function. i like this idea and im all for making lists and touting the merits of something or someone i like... i can almost never think of anything to review. i might need someone to remind me of all the things i either complain about or love. so far- heres what i have covered:

and i just added another one because as i was writing this i thought of an excelent customer service experience that i experienced at a batteries plus.

National Comedy Theatre

i would like more people to review NCT, but im unsure of how to entice fans to do so aside from the posters i put up at the theatre, the links i put on facebook myspace and twitter and the constant asking and asking...

ill figure it out. perhaps its like karma and the more i review others the more i will be reviewed. or perhaps it is like the secret and if i go around telling people we have 137 5 star reviews... they will appear.
trust me, im working on both.


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