Wednesday, June 3, 2009

turn. turn. turn.

its the nature of what we do that people come and go.

from house staff to players, some are short timers and some are in it for the long haul. but its also the nature of what we do that, short timer or long hauler, you get attached to every wayward soul that comes through your door... like a puppy mill.

im like that lady who has 18 kids and counting, i love all my trouble makers equally but for different reasons.

some players i love because they think like i do. those players are great to perform with because you can move a scene forward effortlessly, you could finish each other's sentences or run a whole scene without saying a word. its creepy, in an awesome way.

some players i love because they keep me guessing. i dont know what they're going to say or do next but it will certianly be something i would never have thought of. its good to play with people who keep you on your toes. they test your comfort levels, they make you work to do all that adapting and agreeing you practice all the time.

there are some players i just enjoy watching. they make me laugh. and yes, i spend alot of time laughing. its a beneficial side effect of owning a comedy theatre. still, some laughs are better than others. when it catches you off guard and you cant stop the completely un-cute and un-attractive cakles from flying out of you and you really get the sore cheeks from laughing, those are the ones that keep you coming back.

and there are players, whether they are my type or my opposite, that i just like to work with. its the genius of improv comedy that, when its going well, you arent using your brain in any intentional way- you just flow and move forward. you find yourself pulling out information you forgot you had tucked away and leaning on instincts that happen on their own. those are the best scenes, you know its terrific and then when its over you cant remember how or why.
there arent many professions when you do best by zoning your mind out. im glad to be in one.

in any case, the day always eventually arrives when one of my puppy mill improvisers needs to move on to greener pastures, bigger opportunities, or cleveland.

and im always sad to see one go.
maybe one day i'll end up a bitter old thing that refuses to love anymore because, in the end, the more you love em the more you get hurt when they leave- like that lady who has 18 kids.

but for now, i'm sad to say goodbye. im not without my bitterness though, im willing to put off being happy for the upward mobility of my improvisers and focus only on how this effects me. and im going to miss steve and jared.

in other news, i now have openings in my small-sized heart for two improvisers... takers??


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